Our heart is to do ministry in a different way.

We are a collection of churches who run our ministry together. 
As we are many churches we live out many theologies and liturgies, but when we gather we see a new kind of ministry unfold, where The Sonder Collective brings a new space of collaboration and hope. 

There are pockets of 'Sonderers' in many places • wherever we meet our aim is that we embody a shared culture of uplifting, uniting and praising. No community is copy and paste, though our aim is that these are core to every Sonder gathering. 


At every opportunity we strive to uplift our home communities. Our strength lies in journey's we have all taken to meet, and we aim to not erase the paths we are from when we are together. 


We are passionate about collective ministry because when we unite together we are able to give young people in all our churches opportunities we could not have before • this starts with discipleship alongside peers.


Our purpose is to bring praise to God, in the many forms that we express worship. Together we educate, share, love, hope and grow in understanding who Christ is for each of us.