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The Sonder Collective runs on moments that all of us can collectively meet together for camps and gatherings. Outside of these we offer resourcing and consulting for church communities that would like to have more support with faith development of the younger members of their churches across Victoria. We have these specific areas where we meet together on a regular basis between our camps and gatherings, and we are always keen to meet more people from our church communities.

As the world turned upside down, The Sonder Collective was not immune to the struggles that we presented from COVID-19. All our in-person gatherings, camps and regions have shifted in focus, where our main intention is to meet the need of a ministry of presence. Together we are meeting people with online and in-person events, and we will continue to look for ways to grow and support our ever shifting community. 


We have a cluster of people gathering together online, east-side of Melbourne in the Chadstone area, west-side of Melbourne in the Geelong area, northern Victoria in the Shepparton area, as well as pockets of individuals with no limitations of areas. We would love to be able to connect you in to a community near you, so jump on to our resources or contact page. 


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