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Since 2015 what has happened across The Sonder Collective?

There has been a lot of changes over the years and it is important that we acknowledge these moments:


We began discussing the vision of The Sonder Collective. The Sonder feet began. 


Churches in Murrumbeena & Shepparton started jumping on board. By the end of the year we developed two regions: Sonder Murrumbeena & Sonder Yonder. 


Murrumbeena Uniting Church blessed this mission community with part-time funding every year. We ended the year adding the third region of Sonder Brighton. Collectively our community was gathering over 80 young people, from 16 home church communities across 5 different denominations. 


The Governor of Victoria, Linda Dessau, mentioned The Sonder Collective on mainstream radio. We ended the year with gathering over 150 young people, from 25 home church communities across 7 different denominations. 


We started some new things by shifting the Brighton region to include the larger region of Bayside. We also began something incredibly exciting with SonderCloud - a region completely online. We ended the year with gathering over 170 people, from 35 home church communities across 7 different denominations. 


As the world turned upside down, The Sonder Collective was not immune to the struggles that we presented from COVID-19. All our in-person gatherings, camps and regions struggled, though we were super blessed with the online community that we prophetically began last year. All our communities were encouraged to commune online together where we continued to meet together as The Sonder Collective as we focused on what it means to carry out a ministry of presence. 

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