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As an ecumenical community we represent many traditions, liturgies and theologies.Though many church communities may find similarities, there is one thread that weaves us all together - Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the focus point of our deeper and wider growth and learning as a faith community. It is about this man that we learn and whose likeness we strive to grow toward. 

So, where to begin?

As Jesus Christ is the centre of our faith and community, a question you might be asking is, 'Who is Jesus?'
This is not a simple questions and we are in continual pursuit of exploring who Jesus is for us, our community and what believing in Jesus might mean for our life. Across The Sonder Collective community there are people who have been asking this question for years, as well as people who have just started to explore what this question might mean. What we do know is that it is a continual relationship of coming to know the grace of God and how Holy Spirit continually works throughout our lives, and what that might mean for our actions in the world. 

To ask the question 'Who is Jesus?' is important, though what we have learned together is that a more important question we want to ask you is 'Who is Jesus for you?'. A person of history; a prophet; just some human; a nice guy... someone of no importance... or is Jesus the Messiah - the Son of God ... 'Immanuel' - God with us?

What do you think?

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